Want to learn how to draw?...
Trying to draw without guidance and personalized support can be frustrating and confusing.
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Master the basics so that you can create to your heart's desire and awaken your inner artist.
Hi, I'm Shannon, your Intro teacher.

As a professional artist, I can tell you that I struggled to learn the fundamentals of drawing.

It did NOT come easy to me.

But making art brings me so much joy and meaning to my life...I wouldn't want anyone to miss out on that.

I can teach you all the fundamentals of drawing in this 8 week course and you'll feel proud of what you can do.
For over 7 years I've helped hundreds of students go from:

"I can't draw" to "I can't believe I made that!"
Learning to draw on your own is HARD.

You can watch videos but...yours doesn't turn out the same.

You need an expert who can SEE what you're doing and figure out what's not working.

Is it the paper?...the pencils?...the technique?...

I promise anyone can learn to draw well!
Intro to Drawing helps the aspiring artist built up their confidence
and create work they feel proud of by having personalized guidance each step of the way.
  • Live interactive classes so you have personalized guidance from an expert teacher while you learn to draw
  • 8 weeks long so you can learn and build upon your skills week by week
  • Step by Step Guidance so you can see the drawing tools and techniques done right before your eyes
  • Draw something every week so that you are practicing from day 1 and getting comfortable with drawing
  • Private chat area: get personalized feedback from Shannon outside of class times
  • Virtual Classes: learn and connect while safe at home, keep painting long after class ends!
  • Safe Community of people who want to learn and grow creatively 
  • Art Show after your last class to celebrate the growth in yourself and fellow students
Wednesdays 6:00-9:00 MST March 31st-May 19th
MBodied, your talents are so much more than just your artistic ability, the way you make people feel; the gift you have for creating a sense of belonging and community.

What is unleashing your creative potential worth to you?

Many online art classes cost between $500-$1000 per course.

Our 8-week Intro to Drawing class is  ONLY $240

Sign Up Today and You'll Get 2 AMAZING Bonuses:
Creative Breakthrough Calls with Michelle
(Owner of MBodied Art Studio)

Get laser-focused help breaking through blocks in your creative process. Uncover the deeper meaning in your art making.

Michelle's art therapy magic is at your fingertips in these 1 on 1 calls.
"I was so surprised by the connection between my art and what it reflects about what's going on inside me."

Intro Starter Course 
(By Shannon)

You don't even have to WAIT for class to begin in March!

Sign up today and you'll also receive this bonus course where I teach you:

~Blind contour drawing
~Gradient blending technique
~Hard edge drawing technique
~Why community is important in art making 
"I found myself looking forward to each week and getting really excited for a couple hours to clear my mind and create something."

  • Expert guidance from a professional artist and teacher
  • Safe, non-judgmental class of beginners just like you
  • GUARANTEED you'll make a drawing you feel proud of!
  • 2 Fantastic Bonuses If You Sign Up Today
"I'm Too Busy/Overwhelmed Right Now..."
An art class is NOT 1 more thing on your to-do list...

Making art will relieve your stress and help you feel grounded and spacious so you can deal with the rest of life.

Art MOVES the energy OUT of your body and onto the canvas or paper.

It's the one thing that will cause the world to melt away and bring you fully into the present moment.

"I'm All Zoom-ed Out..."
Yes, we do meet on Zoom...but the majority of your 3 hour class is spent making art!

After you watch the teacher's demo, you can turn away from the computer screen and get into the creative flow.

The reason we need an art class: accountability, guidance and inspiration for what to create.

But Zoom is only a small part of that :)
"I'm Not Artistic..."

can learn to draw beautifully. 

Our students tell us all the time how they never knew they could make art until they took class with us!

The difference is actually about willingness.

So instead of thinking, "I'm not artistic." Ask yourself, "Am I willing to learn something new and see what I'm capable of?..."

"I Don't Have a Studio at Home..."
Download & Resources
You don't need very much to make art at home.

You don't need a lot of room or to be super serious about art.

You don't need expensive drawing supplies to create awesome art. 

It can be simple and easy if you want to make art at home.

We've got a helpful PDF guide you can download to explore 4 different easy ways to set up a "studio" in your own home!
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