Sacred Container of Creative Women Using Art as a Path to Purpose & Inner Wisdom
The #1 BIG difference between women who:
X Stay Stuck
X Struggle to Heal
X Never Seem to Move Forward
X End up Regretting Life
And women who:
❤️ Reclaim their Truth
❤️Heal from the Past
❤️ Become the Person They're Meant to Be
IS = Listening to Soul
is the proven process that has already helped hundreds of women listen to their Soul Speak. 
It bypasses your brain and reveals what your Soul is trying to tell you.
This takes you to the root cause of why you're stuck and helps you ❌STOP the patterns that keep leading you back to the same damn place.
Art as a Soul Language™ will help you:
  • Listen to your Soul's wisdom
  • Digest your trauma
  • See the unconscious blocks that keep you STUCK
  • Discover your purpose
You need a sacred container
What holds so many brilliant women back is trying to do it ALONE.

As someone trained in counseling, a Mama and a Spiritual Warrior, I gotta tell ya: Soul work is not done alone in the closet.

If you want breakthroughs you need:
✔️ the proven process
✔️  the knowledgeable guide
✔️ the safe community of people who get it
Mystery School is the sacred container
~A place of belonging for women to have deep, meaningful conversations

~Guidance from Michelle in using Art as a Soul Language™ to receive Soul Messages

~A safe space where your voice is heard and your unique perspective is a gift to others

~Guaranteed time & support for soul work every single month

~A creative, feminine process for listening to your Inner Wisdom

Listen to Your Soul Speak
The Mystery School program
  • Monthly online women's group
  • 2 live calls each month
  • Sacred container of women using art to listen to their Soul Speak
  • No contracts or hidden fees
  • Cancel anytime
  • Guaranteed time for YOU each month!
Led by Michelle Baker, MA, Art Therapy, Art Lover, Rule Breaker, Visionary, Mama

Michelle helps creative women Listen to their Soul speak using art as a path to purpose and inner wisdom.

She created Art as a Soul Language™ after 12 years of art therapy exploration with clients and her own self discovery.
How Mystery School Works:

2 live group calls per month
(2nd & 4th Tuesday 6-8 MST)

1st Live Call:
  group discussion, create your Art as a Soul Language™ drawing

2nd Live Call:  small group reflections, reading Soul Messages in the art

❤️ Each woman's perspective is a gift to the rest of the group

4 hours a month dedicated to Listening to your Soul Speak

Mystery School is a self-mastery, spiritual art process...
This program is life changing
  • Listen to your heart instead of your mind
  • Be seen and accepted for you who are inside
  • Trust your Truth
  • Find your unique path to soul purpose
  • Make peace with your past
  • Be part of something bigger than yourself
  • Reclaim the gifts you lost in childhood
  • Feel empowered to fulfill the highest vision you have of yourself 
But it's not for everyone.
Mystery School is for women who've already done a lot of personal growth work.

Each month's topic takes you on a hero's journey into the shadows to reclaim lost parts of yourself.

It's AMAZING how powerful your own art speaking back to you can be.

And how healing being witnessed and held in a safe container can be.

If you're not a good fit, you'll know in the 1st month.
How much is Mystery School?

You know to the therapy model, right?

2 sessions of therapy will cost at least $180/mo.

And the dynamic = therapist as expert, you as "client."

Mystery School is  $129/mo  for:
4 hours/mo

YOU are the expert

Sacred container

Creative Outlet

Healing Sisterhood 

Proven Process to Get Un-STUCK

Mystery School is a simple month-to-month commitment.
No contracts. 
Cancel anytime.
And we have a money-back guarantee.
Try it for 1 month
Come to the 2 live calls
and if you don't love it
We'll refund your full payment

Simple. Just email us ✉️
With a very special BONUS!

Sign up today and you will also receive a 30 minute Breakthrough Call with Michelle ($79 value) for FREE!

✅ Schedule your call on Michelle's private calendar right after signup

Here's What Happens Next:
  • Immediately receive an email with your login info to our private Mystery School Member's Site
  • Watch the video orientations with Michelle 
  • Take the 2 simple quizzes and unlock the Live Group Calls
  • Mark you calendar for the live calls and hold them sacred
  • Enjoy our Social Wall, Soul Language Stories, intuitive art exercises and other bonus content!
  • Schedule your free 1 on 1 Breakthrough Call with Michelle!
What supplies do you need?
A pencil and a piece of paper is all you need.

Mystery School art is easy. The simplest of drawing can communicate Soul Messages.

It's not about artistic ability.

But if you want to use your watercolor paints, fancy markers or buy a new journal when you join...ENJOY!!
Everything You Get:
  • Archetypal Wisdom
  • Art for Soul Messages
  • External Mirrors for Breakthroughs
  • Access to 1 on 1 support with Michelle
  • Private, ad-free social wall
  • Inspiring bonus content
  • Sacred Container
Your Soul Speaks through Art...
Are You Ready to Listen?
Who is joining?
Complete Enrollment

"Mystery School is self reflection and healing through other women's stories."

Is Mystery School in-person or online?
Mystery School is an online gathering. We join via Zoom twice a month for sacred, wise woman community.

In the future, when life has gone back to "normal", we will create in-person small group meetings with trained facilitators while continuing to be connected to the larger community as well.
How often do you meet?
We meet the 2nd & 4th Tuesday of the month for 2 hours. 

6:00-8:00 Mountain Time
What if I have to miss a live call?
It happens to everyone sometimes, don't worry. We record the live calls and post them in our private member's site.

We have a Social Wall to share your art on and receive reflections from other members.

And Michelle creates a handout to guide you step by step through the intuitive drawing, so you can make it even if you miss the call.
What if I join halfway through the month?
No problem! You can easily feel prepared for the 2nd live call. 

We'll send you an email with the step-by-step handout to create your intuitive drawing.

That's all you need to come to be ready for our 2nd live call of the month. 
How do I know what to draw?
Michelle creates a handout taking you through the intuitive image process step by step.
Can I paint instead of draw?
Absolutely! Michelle has based Mystery School on simple, intuitive drawings to make it easy and accessible.

If you prefer painting, digital art, making masks...that's wonderful! All art delivers soul'll just need a way to share your art on Reflection Calls.
What if I'm not a good drawer?
Art as a Soul Language is not about drawing skills or shading technique.

It's art that only YOU can make. Expressing what you know inside.

We use simple images to convey meaning.
How do you make & share art online?
Michelle creates a handout that guides you through creating an image step by step. While you work on the drawing, you can turn away from the screen and get in the creative flow.

When reflecting on people's art they either hold up their drawing to the screen or share a photo of it on Zoom.
Do I have to do things outside of the live calls?
You can have an excellent experience of Mystery School by only attending the 2 live calls each month. We provide a deep, community experience.

IF you'd like more content or art exercises, Michelle offers bonus content throughout the month as well.
Will this help me know my purpose?
Yes! The monthly topics and Art as a Soul Language are tailored to help you uncover your soul purpose. 

Each topic is like a mirror showing you a different view of your purpose. 

The longer you make art, the more metaphors will repeat themselves and the stronger sense of purpose you will feel.

The women in the group will also be reflecting your soul gifts and purpose back to you when you share your art.
Is this group for women only?
This group is for anyone who identifies as a woman. Men are not allowed to join.

What is a Soul Message?
Soul speaks through metaphor, so when you talk about the meaning in your art, you'll feel it has a deeper significance for your life and your purpose.

Art is a mirror, always reflecting back who you truly are at your core.

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