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The Ultimate Guide for Using Art as a Soul Language

A Creative, Feminine Path to Soul Purpose

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How I help creative women Listen to their Soul speak...
Michelle Baker, MA, Art Therapy, Intuitive Guide

October, 2020

Hi, I'm Michelle.

I've done over a decade of therapy, trainings and read hundreds of books...but none of those helped me discover my soul purpose.

I found purpose and direction when I remembered how to listen to my own inner wisdom.

We are guided every day by our inner wisdom but have forgotten how to Listen with a capital "L."

We are here to serve the greater good but we have been silenced...taught to believe that one voice cannot possibly make a difference.

We've been striving towards an impossible prize of "success" that doesn't exist.

I started to uncover Universal Truths through my art process and realized:

I was being guided every day towards my soul purpose.

I knew I had something uniquely mine to offer the world, a summation of
my wounds
my gifts
and the message that lived inside me

My gift is reading Soul Language, which guides us towards purpose and meaning every day of our lives.

Now, I'm on a mission to help all women remember the gift of Listening.

You can RECLAIM Soul, Listen to your inner wisdom and find your purpose in this life.
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