Join Watercolor Painting with MBodied and enjoy:
  • Safe, non-judgmental learning environment for adults
  • Expert guidance & inspiring lessons every Tuesday 3:45-6:15 PM MST on Zoom
  • Class Archives: all classes are recorded and posted so you'll never miss a thing
  • Plus, bonus private 1-on-1 chat with Shannon, the art teacher
    ​ ~Ask questions privately outside of class
    ​ ~Receive tailored feedback
    ​ ~Get ongoing guidance whenever you need
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If you come to Watercolor for 1 month and don't totally love it,
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We help unleash the truest version of YOU!
~Release stress & overwhelm
~Restore balance within yourself
~Reconnect with your deeper purpose in life
The time I've spent with MBodied has been some of the most important and transforming of my life. 

MBodied, your talents are so much more than just your artistic ability, but the way you make people feel; the gift you have for creating a sense of belonging and community.

When I am painting, I am not worrying about the future or fretting about what's happening in the world; I'm just focused on my art. It's a very healthy escape!"

MBodied Art has been a healing space for me in so many ways. There are no words that satisfy the amount gratitude that I carry within my heart for this place and the owner, Michelle.

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