Hi, I'm Michelle
I help creative women trying to fill an emptiness inside Listen to their Soul speak using art as a path to purpose and inner wisdom.
Here are 3 things to know about me...
Art Lover
I've always loved art. In 2nd grade I remember being the class artist, making pictures of dragons for all my friends to hang on their desks.
Rule Breaker
It's just who I am. Always loved art, never wanted to be an artist.

I have my Master's in Counseling but decided not to be a therapist.

I own an art studio but don't teach "regular" art classes.

I've always needed to find my own way...even though it's the harder path.
I'm good at reading the signs and seeing what's possible in the future. In fact, I'm excellent at helping other people uncover their deepest desire.

Art as a Soul Language™: That's my personal process of art therapy + meaning-making + reflection. It's the step after therapy, when you're ready to Listen to your inner Truth.

Here's What They Say...
Sara - Financial Planner
"Michelle is a talented, insightful leader and she brings thoughtfulness and humor into every interaction."
Sue - Retired HR Director
"Michelle loves guiding women on the path of finding our bravest and
truest selves."
Michelle - Relationship Coach
"Michelle's process helped me trust myself, my own abilities, my talents, and my voice." 
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Michelle 💜
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