What Failure Taught Me

So what am I doing here?!

~On the left is my drawing of what failure looks like to me.
~On the right is me embodying the image.


To more deeply understand the Soul Messages. 

Lemme back up: I had my group members create art about failure to provide a "shadow mirror" for what success really IS to each of us.

Soul Messages are the hidden meaning in the art that is really about your life, your purpose and your healing.

The art allows each woman to create what failure looks like to HER and therefore receive unique messages that are coming from within.

Let's use mine as an example: I described failure as droopy, oozey, gooey, nothing-ness, helpless puddle on the floor, no good to anyone.

But when I embodied the image I learned something:

~this pose is comforting
~and something I would do after working really, really hard.

One of the Soul Messages hidden in this failure drawing was, "Michelle, success is when you learn to find rest and comfort in your everyday life."

😮 WHAT?!

If you would've just asked me to draw success, I would NOT have included rest and comfort.

That's not how my mind sees success. 

But my Soul knows better. It knows that one of my working edges in this life is to find balance.

And when your own image speaks back to you...it's VERY POWERFUL.

That's what I love about this art process: it allows each woman to receive the messages hiding inside HER.

What is your Soul waiting to tell you?

❤️ Michelle

Michelle Baker, MA, Art Therapy
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Michelle helps women trying to fill the emptiness inside Listen to their Soul Speak using art as a path to purpose and inner wisdom.

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