The Mother Wound

What is the "Mother Wound"? 

Let's use this painting I did back in my early 20's as a visual...I didn't paint this to portray the Mother Wound.

If you would've asked me then, I would have said, "I don't know, it's just how I feel."


AND it's the Mother Wound. That feeling of being:

upside down
all alone
a little green
The Mother Wound is one of the deepest wounds we can experience in life. 

"You were supposed to protect me but you didn't."

"I had to grow up too soon." 

"The only person I can depend on is myself."

The Mother Wound makes the world feel like a big, scary place. That there's an impending doom coming for us. That we're alone in this feeling and everyone else is happy and content.

I didn't know what the Mother Wound was when I painted the upside-down girl. 

But today, after working with hundreds of women, I know that we are not alone in this feeling.

The Mother Wound runs deep and is so painful.

But it can be healed.

And we do that together. Sharing our vulnerability and being held in a sacred feminine container of love...the same one that was missing when we were young.

That's why I create community for women using art to share our hearts. It heals the Mother Wound in us all. 

Michelle Baker, MA Art Therapy
Art Lover, Rule Breaker, Visionary, Mama, Creatrix of Art as a Soul Language™

Michelle helps women who feel the emptiness inside Listen to their Soul Speak using art as a path to purpose and inner wisdom.

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