Art is My Spiritual Guru

Art is my spiritual guru.

I strongly believe that our wounds become our gifts later in life. My deep love of art and understanding of its spiritual significance came from my deepest childhood wound.

I longed to be seen by a family who cannot SEE. 

I searched for reflections of who I was.
To be held and feel protected.
But I felt all alone.

So I turned to art. And it was in the art I found myself staring back at me.

(a drawing from my teenage years)
It held me when I was sad.
It helped me heal. 
It guided the way forward.

I started to read messages within the art that were telling me what my life was about...who I was meant to be.

I realized I could ask questions and receive answers.

I've never had a true mentor. Someone to look up to. But I have learned how art can reveal Truth and purpose.

Art is a path to hearing your Soul Speak. It can be a spiritual experience revealing deep Soul Truths...that is the gift I received from my wounding.

I help women Listen to their Soul Speak through art.

I was so lonely as a deep-feeling child. But now I create community around meaning making through art.

So that we can all feel seen.held.accepted.

My wounds have come full circle into my gifts.

-Thanks for being here,
❤️ Michelle
Michelle Baker, MA Art Therapy
Art Lover, Rule Breaker, Visionary, Mama, Creatrix of Art as a Soul Language™

Michelle helps women who feel the emptiness inside Listen to their Soul Speak using art as a path to purpose and inner wisdom.

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