Soul Messages in Squished

This month in Mystery School we explored the archetype of power.

I piggy-backed off someone's discussion of "control" and created this image of being squished into ooze.
I approached the topic from a perspective I'm quite comfortable with: the masculine power over the feminine.

But in Mystery School we unravel the deeper meaning through reflections and image work.

Jean asked me if someone squeezed my essence out at the beginning of my life?

😮 BAM. I was hit with a deep, gut-knowing: yes, my mom squeezed out my essence.

Then it continued to unravel...not just my mom, my whole female lineage taught me to:

~NOT feel confident
~that I can't help anyone
~no one wants my help
~who did I think I was?!

They all squished my heart into ooze. My big, empathic heart that longed to be of service believed she would never have anything of value to offer.

These are old wounds that were buried. But the art and Jean's poignant question brought them to the surface.

In Mystery School we call these Soul Messages. They come through the art from your Soul because you are ready for the next level of healing and growth.

What's being asked of me? To reclaim the value I have to offer. To acknowledge those messages came from their wasn't a Truth about me.

So to continue my healing I will declare to you right now:

I have something valuable to offer other women. It was born from my own wounds of loneliness and desperation.

I offer women a truly safe space to:
open their hearts
feel confident
help others
know their unique perspective and gifts matter

I survived being squished. And there is value in that. ❤️
Michelle Baker, MA Art Therapy
Art Lover, Rule Breaker, Visionary, Mama, Creatrix of Art as a Soul Language™

Michelle helps women who feel the emptiness inside Listen to their Soul Speak using art as a path to purpose and inner wisdom.

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