Ready to Listen to Your Soul Speak?

In my years of art therapy exploration I have found that art is the perfect way to bypass the mind and reveal what the heart and Soul know.

Our heart is meant to guide us in life. Your heart knows your soul purpose and the path to getting there.

The mind is NOT the way. But it likes to take the lead. So we need a way to bypass it and reveal the deeper levels of Soul Truth.
I've discovered a way to trick the mind and uncover hidden Soul Messages in art.

Soul Messages are things you didn't intend to be there...but are there nonetheless. In your art. Telling you about your life.

These messages are guiding you towards your next level of healing and growth.

There's nothing MORE POWERFUL than your own image speaking back to you.

And this process fosters a deep sense of self trust because you are Listening with a capital L to the wisdom inside of YOU.

The best way I can explain how Soul Messages come through art is with a sneak peeks into a session with Sara:
If you'd like to receive Soul Messages from your art, I have the simplest, 5 minute drawing exercise that will reveal what matters MOST to you!

-Would you like to try it?

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❤️ I love surprising women with the Soul Messages hidden in their art!

Michelle Baker, MA, Art Therapy
Art Lover, Rule Breaker, Visionary, Mama, Creatrix of Art as a Soul Language™

Michelle helps women trying to fill the emptiness inside Listen to their Soul Speak using art as a path to purpose and inner wisdom.
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